At present the Chinese cool league

  • EA are one footfall avant-garde in the bazaar in South America, Chile, the football affiliation admission acclimatized that EA Chile's authorization. And like Brazil's alliance and cup approval is still in negotiations, but the two abandon admission not accomplished an agreement. In accession to the Brazilian alliance to a alliance like Mexico, Argentina and Colombia in EA's band of afterimage range. As for the Asian market, Chinese cool K, South Korea and Japan's J alliance is aswell the ambition of EA.

    At present the Chinese cool league, Japan and South Korea K J alliance alliance is below production. Which achieve in China's FIFA Online 3 has already added the Chinese cool alliance adventurous 4 club teams. But in the end, the Chinese cool alliance will arise in the FIFA 16 there is no final conclusion. For gossip, acclimatized by the EA has won the champions alliance acceptance EA hopes to admission the approval of the games, but there is no affirmation to appearance that the accuracy of the rumor.