Lyndon and Zaucha is scheme

  • The organization alleges that the NBA 2K17 MT developer encountered financial trouble, laid off its employees and closed its office in late 2011, after the two "concocted their scheme beginning in 2009" in an attempt to save the company.The SEC alleges that Zaucha performed "few, if any," consulting services, received stock, sold the stock and kicked it back into Left Behind Games."


    Lyndon and Zaucha's scheme duped investors into believing Left Behind Games was becoming a successful enterprise when it was struggling to stay afloat," said Michele Wein Layne, director of the SEC's Los Angeles Office. "Lyndon essentially gave Zaucha stock in exchange for phony revenue streams that created an inaccurate portrait of the company's financial health."According toLeft Behind Games' website, the company describes itself as "the world's leading publisher of Christian video games.""The company focuses on bringing bible stories to life in this new entertainment medium while providing games that provide a healthy alternative in a prolific industry which creates interactive violence," the official site reads.