Boarding a ship requires players

  • Boarding a ship requires players to Madden 17 Coins  close the gap between it and the Jackdaw enough to jump over, and once you subdue the crew — whether by bombing the hell out of it beforehand or engaging in combat — players will have three options for their next move. One option is to lower Kenway's wanted level. If players choose to release the crew of the ship, they will go out into the world and say "nice things" about Captain Kenway, putting off mercenaries who may have been hired to hunt the infamous pirate down. Another option is to use the resources of the ship to repair any damage done to the Jackdaw.


    The third option, Decant noted, will bring you more money.In a system inspired by Assassin's Creed: Revelations' store system — in which Ezio could purchase storefronts to bring in a steady flow of income — players can add their newly-acquired ship to Kenway's fleet. It will go out into the world and make them money, bringing in extra cash for those much-needed weapon upgrades.