whether the same as Guardiola to the scene to see the game

  • On Kudiniao in the game back, when the comeback


    The game with Manchester City is too early for Kudiniao, and Sunderland's  coins fifa 17  game for him too early. Matip also can not play with Manchester City of the game.


    Talking about whether the same as Guardiola to the scene to see the game to examine opponents


    For us, some are very clear, if the player can accept such a position, things will become very good. The so-called live to old, learn old. Milner does not like this position, but we really like  fifa 17 ps4 coins  this player, so we will try everything to use him.



    Barcelona's model does not apply to every team, it depends on the players you have. Manchester City and Barcelona these two fifa 17 coins teams have excellent quality and control the ball back, this information can give us in the game bring different? This is worth a good think about. I like the fact that last year we beat Manchester City, it was a difficult game, but we ended up winning. Compared to last year, they become more powerful this year, we have become better this year, but compared to last year, this year it will be a different contest.