Conti came to Stamford Bridge this season

  • Bournemouth midfielder Wilshire that "relentless" Chelsea has revealed the championship fifa 17 xbox one coins temperament.

    Conti came to Stamford Bridge this season, and with several new aid, such as Kante joined the team, Chelsea is currently a goodcheap fifa 17 coins fusion has been made in the Premiership 12 game winning streak.

    Wilshere said: "Chelsea found a new formation for their own, and very effective.I always think that came to Stamford Bridge is not a good game to play, I have to come here with Arsenal many times, just won once, Chelsea now play fut 17 coins  more ruthless.

    "They know their work, every week, they will change according to their opponents to the game plan.I think this is a top  fifa 17 ps4 coins team logo, they already have their own system, midfielder Matic and law Bregas, as well as Azar and William and we are at different levels of players.

    "They have a lot of trouble on the court and they have a lot of trouble this season, and they have a lot of  trouble in the season and there is a long way to go, but at the moment they see It 's the strongest, but it' s not certain buy fifa 17 coins they're the champions, because everything in the football world is possible. Injuries can change everything, and even now they are strong, but it 's not over yet.