The team is now in an impressive state of fire

  • You say in a great club in coaching more than 2, 3 years is very difficult, such a thing more difficult in Real Madrid?


    "The team is now in an impressive state of fire, they are very good in the league, has also successfully cut the Champions League 16 strong, as other teams in Europe, as I think Zidane is But he is through daily training, work and exchanges with the players to get such experience.Zidane has sufficient knowledge, charm, personality, but also the ability to be a good coach, he is the only coach of the lack of cheap fifa 17 coins  experience, Coaching experience is not one of the most important.


    What do you think of Ramos?


    "He still scored those miraculous goals.He can do so because he has that ability, in fact, Ramos is able to become a striker, and I have sometimes before he would joke with him, I would have told him before the game that I was going to get him to play the game and he was very important to the team in terms of his personality and character.It was not reasonable to buy fifa 17 coins get goals in stoppage time, Fortunately, the football world is unreasonable.