Bogba's help can not be underestimated, Mourinho also hinted t

  • Mourinho said: "I think we will have the ball this game, Arsenal is the kind of opponents can lead the game team.I guess we may get enough space, the ball can easily reach the At the foot of the attacking player, I believe Mata, Rushford and Mashal are quicker than Wayne Rooney and have fifa 17 ps4 coins  a better 1: 1 ability on offense, which I think is the best option.

    Mourinho seems to have found the team's best midfield combination, Carrick as the captain of the starting, partner hard-working Herrera, plus gradually feel the world-class midfielder Borgba.

    35-year-old Carrick for 8900 pounds Sir Paul - Bogba's help can not be underestimated, Mourinho also hinted that Carrick and the team is about to complete the contract.

    Mourinho said: "Carrick has been 35. Talk about the passage of time is always a sad thing, but this is the law of cheap fifa 17 coins nature, everyone can not escape, he is so good a player, the old age Let me be sorry for him, I will always love him, even though he was 25 years old, I did not become his head coach, but at the age of 35, I was .I will continue to retain Carrick , At least to stay a season.