Messi on behalf of the Argentine national team

  • Beijing November 16 morning, Messi on behalf of the Argentine national team announced that the Argentine internationals will not be interviewed by the media in the future. The reason is after the Argentine media reports on the false reports of Ravitch.

    Messi defeated Colombia after the game, Messi led the 26 were recruited into the national team cheap fifa 17 coins with the Argentine players attended the press conference, Messi said: "I am sorry to let you wait, we decided to attend the press conference with the team , And issued the following statement.I think we have nothing to hide the national team, in the event of (Ravage's) these things, we decided not to accept the media interview.Maybe we all know because of what it We have been subjected to too much criticism, too much disrespect, and we have been silent .This is completely different, and for the defamation