Cuban: Barnes is the player we want

  • Mark - Cuban guest program recently talked about the team this nba 2k17 coins

     summer to get the operation of Harrison - Barnes.

    Chandler - Parsons signed a free agent this summer after the Grizzlies, the Mavericks signed Barnes, who will replace Parsons as the Mavericks start of the season small forward.

    "I do not mean to criticize Chandler, Chandler has a good technology, but we have some uncertainty about him, I have talked about this before, and on his knee some problems, I hope he overcomes them, hope His knees do not have any more problems, but we have this kind of question, "Cuban said.

    "If Barnes is a completely free agent at the start of the summer, he will be in the top of the list we want to pursue," Kuban said. "He will be the player we're looking for right after the free-agent market starts, I think he can give us a new look at the defensive end, which he can defend from the first position to the fourth position, in some of our small lineup, he can defensive from the first bit to fifth place , So when you let Deron Williams and Wesley Matthews, and especially Justin - Anderson, Barnes and Andrew - Bogut together when playing, which gave us a long time Barnes is not as good as Chandler on the offensive end, but he's more physically confrontational. He can go down and he has the same three-point range. "The distance is not that good, but he's doing better in the post, so I think it's going to make our defense bigger and make our athleticism better."

    Barnes, who signed the big contract, is also expected to play a bigger role, with Barnes being   nba 2k17 mt coins the only option on the offensive end for the Warriors.

    "You can not be the first choice before you try to be the first choice, not only can he do what he's asked to do, he has the ability to do more, listen, when your team has Clay - Thompson and Stephen Curry, you will not be the team's first choice, but because the Warriors are the main attack outside, so he did not get too much to the low attack opportunities, his game not only that, Will we make him the top scorer from the first day? No, I think we'll have a good balance attack, there will be some games he will only get four points, there will certainly be some He's going to get 25 points for the game as long as he's working hard enough on the defensive end ... because we did not defend well last season and that gives the opponent a lot of easy scoring opportunities and I think that's going to change, "Cuban said. .