Wharton: still do not know who to lay off, really really diffic

  • Lakers coach Luke Walton said in an interview that he has nba 2k mt not yet decided which two players to lay off.

    "I do not know, it's going to be hard, it's hard," Wharton said.

    The current Lakers lineup, Mehta - Walter Pease, Thomas - Robinson and Yi Jianlian are non-guaranteed contract, the three of them will be laid off two people.

    Wharton said he did not know the last preseason in the regular practice of the rotation of the team, or to those who may be laid off players more playing time.

    Yesterday the Lakers lost to the Warriors preseason, Yi Jianlian played 12 minutes, 4 voted 2 got 4 points and 2 rebounds; Ci Shiping played 5 minutes, 2 voted 0 to get 2 rebounds; Robinson played 5 minutes, 2 voted 1 got 2 points nba 2k17 mt and 3 rebounds.