Borgba: No Bogba team, only the French team

  • France away with the Netherlands World Cup qualifier, Bogba into the audience's only goal. After the FUT 17 Coins 

    game he talked about how to adapt to their new position in the midfield.

    "It's strange to me that some people have been saying that the French players are playing for 'Bogba,'" Bogba said. "But France is not Bogba. When we are faced with such an important game , We will not only talk about the individual performance of the players to win with everyone to win, and lose with everyone, soccer has always been like this.

    "Every day I hear criticism and cursing is certainly not a happy thing, but football is so.I have been trying to concentrate on the performance on the pitch, on behalf of the French appearance is my honor, I have been to the team go all out every day I'm always on the floor trying to create cheap fifa 17 coins

    opportunities, maybe I have too many balls, but we've been learning and making progress, I'm young, and maybe people often forget that I'm 23 years old.

    "I am trying to adapt to the new role of the defensive midfielder, I am more like the offensive player.Coach gave me a new deployment, I am adapting, I should play more discipline, actively grab the ball, more involved in defense My position is a little bit more like Pirlo, and I will try harder to play for the team.

    "Our goal is to enter the World Cup race, and today we get a satisfactory result.We played well in Cheap FUT 17 Coins

    the first half, the second half should be more efforts to show, but we are still very satisfied with the results.