World: Barcelona will be issued to the final ultimatum

  • This week, Barcelona will hold a final meeting with Vidal, will be issued to Buy FUT 17 coins 

    him the club's final ultimatum.

    "World body," said the Barcelona senior has told Vidal: "either to enhance their status to adapt to the requirements of coach Enrique, or leave the team pack to leave.

    Yesterday, the Barcelona official has confirmed the team's main defender Sergei - Roberto

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    right adductor muscle strain, recovery is uncertain. Roberto's accidental injury disrupted the Barcelona coach Enrique inherent in the formations of ideas. The next ten days, Barcelona will be against La Coruna and Guardiola led Manchester City.

    Ever since the home accident upset in the loss to fifa 17 ps4 coins  Alavis, Vidal has been in six games by Enrique excluded from the squad's big list. And Enrique did not open to the outside world to explain the reasons. Roberto absence of this time, perhaps the last chance of Vidal.