Ventura: Pelleti to use this time to reflect on their behavior

  • Italian coach Manuel Ventura said Pelleti must reflect on their own behavior, also talked about FUT 17 Coins 

     Bellotti, due to Mobilai and Villadi situation.

    Italy will be in the World Cup qualifier away to Macedonia, the game 1-1 draw with Italy, Pelleti was changed in the end refused to shake hands and Ventura, directly left the stadium.

    Ventura in the pre-match conference, said: "Pellet wearing Italian jerseys, we must respect me, Italy and all the fans, most importantly, he in the 2016 European Cup outstanding performance caused by the Italian team It 's a good thing for him to have time to reflect on his actions.We have said that the door of the national team will not be closed to anyone but he'd better take the time to reflect on himself.

    Asked if this was a warning to Buy FUT 17 coins

    Balotelli, Ventura said, "Why do you ask such a question? This is a warning to all players."

    Belloti and Imbilai formed the Italian striker of the game, they have in Turin and Ventura cooperation: "At that time I signed Belloti, Belloti and we are to spend on both A lot of hard work, if someone can honor their talent, that person is I. At the same time, I do not want them to have too much pressure.I see reports calling me more young players, but there are reports that the game with Spain It is a gamble for Romagnoli to play. "

    PSG midfielder Velati will also be the starting lineup, Ventura said the cheap fifa 17 coins 

    game with Spain, the situation is not enough to play Villadi: "Villa need to find their own state, he will become the Italian team an important cornerstone of the future. "