Silva: I hope De Broun can be recovered as soon as possible

  • Manchester City midfielder David - Silva, said his teammates hope Fifa 17 xbox one coins

     DeBaulai can soon return from injury.

    The Belgian midfielder in Manchester City against Swansea in the Premiership game hamstring injury, but the injury is not as expected as expected, it is reported that Debronet's goal is in the October 19 Champions League against Barcelona Of the game before returning to the stadium.

    "De Brauner is a very important player for us, and he's in good shape this FUT 17 Coins 

     season and I want him to return to the team as soon as possible," Silva said of De Brauner, We also have other talented players, they will get the opportunity to play.

    "I'm 30 years old, and as young as I was, the young players in the team will come to me for advice, and in the past I have had conversations with the old players in the squad because they have the experience to help You make progress.

    "So I hope I can help these young people, I have been in the city for a long time, I feel I will spend a career here, this is my life the longest time the team.

    Silva also talked about Guardiola tactical thinking, he said: "The coach's idea is to control the game, to create the opportunity to score and control the opponent, and sometimes my position will be more backward, because Guardiola Want me to help build the team formation, but he also gave me more freedom, so I can be closer to the goal.

    "He wants me to create a chance, and that's what I really like, and he gives me more freedom, and I'm happy to be in that cheap fifa 17 coins

    role, and the same is true of the team, and we're always confident."