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    Applicants won't hear back until October after FIFA holds a random selection draw on all the requests.More than 163,000 people requested the fifa 17 points tickets online in the first seven hours.At the end of the first day of sales the website of football's governing body FIFA showed that there were more ticket applications than the number fifa 17 points of seats available in all four price categories for 12 of the cheap fifa 17 coins 64 matches including the opener in Sao Paulo and fifa 17 points the final at Rio de Janeiro's Maracana Stadium.Demand was also high in all price categories for the semifinals and 44 matches had too many requests at least for the cheaper category tickets which are only available for Brazilians."The respective ticket product is already heavily oversubscribed and therefore at that point in time the success of the application appears very unlikely," FIFA said of the high demand categories.

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