Student must make fair and safe use of the internet


    The Internet nowadays is accessible to almost every other person. College campuses usually offer free Wi-Fi services to students so that they can carry out their academic activities with ease. But misuse of facilities exists everywhere, even in colleges.


    Not every student uses the free Wi-Fi to engage in productive activities. Some students go as far as stalking others and threatening others through fake social media accounts. Such a behavior could force the college administration to take drastic actions if reported. Hence, it is safe to avoid it. Instead, the fair use of the internet should be encouraged. For instance, some concerned students read through the reviews on to find a suitable paper writing service. Similarly, some students spend their time interacting with others over the internet or watching video lectures. Normally, college administrations block all websites that contain immoral or pirated content. Students should make sure not to access such website through means of third-party programs as that would count as a serious offense.


    In case students feel threatened by someone over the internet, the best solution would be to inform the police. Internet stalking and threatening are a serious offense under most cybercrime laws. This would keep them safe, indeed.