How to msn video call on mac

  • Know how to make an MSN video call on Mac

    If you’re a Mac user and facing difficulty in making an MSN video call on Mac then, do not panic! MSN Customer service will help you find all possible answers of any of your queries. Yes, it’s easy to make a video call on Mac through an MSN account

    · Step 1

    First of all, go to the home screen of MSN and sign in to email account.

    · Step 2

    Now, click Contacts located at the right side box of your account, and then click on MSN. If you can’t find the MSN option, then click on arrow button.

    · Step 3

    Now search a person with whom you want to make a video call. That’ll be an easy process for you as you will directly see your contact. Enter the username of email address of your contact in search box.

    · Step 4

    If the contact has green colored icon next to their name, it means they are on MSN, so it's free to call. If you don’t see this icon or a number under the contact's name, it means they are on a mobile or landline, so you’ll need the subscription to make a call.

    · Step 5

    The moment you’ll buzz your contact from your end the color of screen will get changed, a call bar will appear at the bottom of the screen and you will get to hear the ringing sound.

    Inform your caller beforehand to be ready with microphone and headphones in order to hear the recipient’s voice on call. If you get stuck anyway in the middle of the process, without wasting much time call directly at MSN Customer Service and get in touch with the executives.