What you need to complete is look in the weapon racks around t

  • Grab weapons in the weapon racks and set them on Charr statues.To start this phase, you will have to click around the book within the middle from the room.It will let you know the rock, paper, scissors combination that is basicallyCharr Bow will match Human SwordCharr Sword will match Human StaffCharr Staff will match Human Bow.I find a website:CSGO AK-47 Skins ,I find the price is cheaper than CSGO steam.what do you think about it.The goal here's to allow the Charr statues win by providing them with weapons which will allow these phones beat their human statue counterpart across from their store.

    What you need to complete is look in the weapon racks around the sides from the room.There are 3 on each side from the room, totaling 12 weapon racks.Each weapon rack will contain whether weapon or infinitely spawn an Ascalonian mob.If the rack spawn a mob, just move around the next rack.You will have to put the weapons around the empty Charr statues across in the human statues holding weapons (within the example picture below, I put a Charr sword around the statue facing a persons statue with staff)Once all six Charr statues are equipped with weapons, the doorway will open.

    Phase 2 Open the locked gateTime Limit: NoneObjective: Open the locked gateTo open the locked gate, you have to have four players, each standing on the lever around the platform above (involves a little of jumping).Phase 3 CurtainsTime Limit: 4 seconds to spread out all six curtains around the inside and 44 seconds to complete the corresponding emote around the outside curtains.Objective: Perform the emote that around the outer curtain that's indicated through the corresponding inner curtain.This part could be done with six players if all of the players can jump under a time period limit.