I m within the green circle and absolutely nothing!

  • Yet, I m within the green circle and absolutely nothing!Any ideas how to obtain about this? Nevermind.It would be a weird glitch! I just made it happen w my pal and one from the NPC s w me searched the region Thanks though!Recently i think RS 2007 Gold is popular.they got nice service and fast delivery! For my second play through deciding to dig in, Conservation of Resources didn't complete since the NPC didn't build the turret.Not sure why this occurred.For Totems from the Itzel: If you re doing the work with other players inside your instance, another cannot bring the totem towards the priestress.

    If they drop the totem it respawns within 5 seconds at its originaly place.Only instance owner can provide them towards the npc.Quote by Lycaeus: All hail our Queen and saviour Dulfy! All hail our Queen and saviour Dulfy!!! Totems from the Itzel should you do it having a friend, your friend won t obtain the achievement, despite the fact that he helped to gathetr the totems.No longer true.While all achievements inside this story instance require owner of instance to complete all interaction with NPC (so non owner can t even turn in totems) both players did recieve credit for both achievements.

    Just wanted to suggest out an apparent bug in Prisoners from the dragon.I ran ahead as the NPCs were talking throughout the very start since I just desired to do Peer Review.My instance bugged so when Rytlock says to follow along with him, he didn t move.I tried walking to where I spawned then to the NPCs and absolutely nothing happened.I am also able just to walk through the vine walls that block the journey until Rytlock clears them, but because the NPCs don t follow nothing within the story triggers.