Steal is huge within this build so need to be ready to make use

  • Maybe within the future it'll branch out right into a full on calculator, but that's up to these phones decide.This isn t a calculator.It doesn t calculate anything.It s just showing the trait sets.Excellent price, easy checkout, prompt delivery, no hassle! Will definitely shop here again! it's CSGO M4A4 Skins .Thought it could be fun to do this outHeal Skill Hide in Shadows Withdraw (HS has better synergy however the cooldown is actually long)Utilities Shadow Trap, Needle Trap, Tripwire (might swap Tripwire out for an additional stun break)Eilite Basilisk VenomCarrion AmuletPistol Dagger w Sigil of Agony Sigil of Fraility Purity I was attempting to maximize stealth options to obtain the most out of the option s stealth attack.

    Bleeding may be the main condition so I desired to max out its duration.No precision so Fraility may be the best dmg boosting option (Vuln increases condi dmg now!)Shortbow w Sigil of Energy Sigil of Fraility Purity Makes you more mobile w 5 and may wear down those tanky opponents with poison application.Rune from the Krait Thought it was the best option, boosts bleed duration as well as the 6 procs often enough with Basi VenomI think the strat with this build it to stay in stealth (accessed from Steal, Shadow Trap or Cloak and Dagger) so long as possible to allow those condis simmer, lay out new traps (except Needle goes out of stealth I think) and regen health, initiative and take away condis for that next attack rotation.

    Steal is huge within this build so need to be ready to make use of it once CD is performed.Lots of might and vuln available to construct up plenty of condi dmg.SB is going to be better for fights with tankier enemies (more mobility constant poison application)Some rotations w P D:1.Steal - Sneak Attack ( 1 Pistol) - Shadow Strike ( 3 Dual Wield)2.Gap close through immob w Needle Trap proc Body Shot ( 2 Pistol) or Tripwire or Shadow Pursuit - Cloak and Dagger ( 5 Dagger) - Sneak Attack - Shadow Strike (Basi Venom is of better use within this rotation)3.