It has to become 15 thats a mistake within the guide here' gue

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    I made it happen on levl 15 a minimum of i was killing nightmare court for that last bit of my mistward glove achievement on my small ele and that i doing my last 3rd daily too while killing, i quickly fished the achievement, i acquired 2 daily chest and 1 mistward chest.and so i switch to my rev to assert the glove since its a bound on pickup, but when i acquired on my rev i only had 2 daily chest.i switch to my ele however the chest is finished.can there be an npc for missing rewards or its gone in to the mist? Of the 3 reclaimed metal plates I have managed to obtain, I got 1 in the pvp track and a pair of from rares.

    As I recall,rares originated from various world chests (regular chests, splendid chests things like this).I dont know when they specifically possess a higher drop opportunity for rare reclaimed weapons, however it might be something worth keeping track of.the reason why you don t attach with dulfyyy If you wana obtain a reasonable income through laptop and when you possess a reliable web connection then you ought to be able to understand how you are making your income by laptop.this really is very simple to understand just vist my websiteand register there for more information Tips here Just a observe that, regardless of the description, it isn't necessary to get the Molten Boss Timed mote within the Core (21 50) fractal levels.