In fact, that s how I found out concerning the weird reversal o

  • Not sure why however it is clearly screwed.Have noticed this issue because the release of KOTFE among other activities.I m having problems using the Courting gifts with romanced companions too.The courting gifts aren't working whatsoever with Theron Shan (on knight toon), and they are just providing small increases of influence rather than large with Corso Riggs (on smuggler toon).My smuggler has completed the whole romance story with Corso.Something is clearly bugged.Courting gifts do not use Theron.

    They are handy for Talos though.Love s been higher (affection/influence) than Favorite because the beginning.It s been this way since pre 1.0 even.Yes.Everyone has bitched about this for years but I think at this time we just roll with it since it would apt to be MORE confusing to try and change it out than to simply leave it as being is I haven't experience this ever.The gifts listed as fav on another site I use provide the max affection.Maybe that website just listed it logically and never the way it s listed here? That could be my bet since there were QUITE several complaints about this over around the SWTOR forums back when I first started playing back within the day.

    In fact, that s how I found out concerning the weird reversal on names.I find a website: CSGO AK-47 Skins,I find the price is cheaper than CSGO steam.what do you think about it.I do remember a few from the old charts having it the logical way instead from the official one back in those times which meant I needed to grab a few test presents before starting to purchase my companion up to be able to check whatever chart I had to become SURE they had it correctly.So, my bet is the fact that some folks continue to be working under that order instead from the official one even today.Oh well, a minimum of Rank 1 Greens continue to be only 200 in the vendors so, it s still simple to check before put forth buy whatever it's in bulk.