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  • Well a minimum of that justify the entire unlock cost of them.Hache-Moncour u mean fee something similar to when u travel over the planets with ur ship? Will these strongholds have (or possess the ability to unlock) such things as mailboxes, training dummies or GTN terminals in exactly the same way your ship did?Do you want earn some extra money!? Sell us your RS Gold(RS 3 Gold,OSRS Gold),We will give you a good price:) You can contact at Live chat: tomtom15464 or 24/7 Live Chat,we will pay you by paypal with in 10 mins!!!More informations at Sell RS Gold To Us . Yes, and they're usable, much like your personal starship stuff, no target dummies yet though Where do put forth buy the strongholds? Is there a terminal somewhere you've to click? Or is it inside your legacy unlocks tab? Also, are furniture items strictly for looks? For example, if you obtain a GTN or perhaps an appearance kiosk are you able to use it to market stuff and change your character looks or could it be non functional? Are any functional? I think at the very least, your stronghold should support all exactly the same unlocks that you are able to get for the ship along with a way to obtain directly for your ship.

    Stronghold visit stronghold and crew skills section from the fleet, obtain a quest and purchase stronghold.GTN/appearence kiosks could be interacted and therefore are fully function.Awesome, thanks for that info (I don t know the way you stay on the top of a lot of games) and glad to listen to they aren t just shells.If your toon has quests around the world your stronghold is, do they really leave stronghold via a front door or do they've to teleported somewhere after which return to planet There are several way to depart, for example elevator and also the exit area button.

    AFAIK all of them bring up exactly the same thing, which provides you with the options of: 1.exiting to whatever planet you're on 2.returning to in which you were whenever you transported for your stronghold 3.exit for your ship 4.exit to fleet.You cannot have one home for just one faction after which have one for that other? Also can there be a fee for any stronghold for any whole shared by both factions.You can have as numerous as you would like.But both of the factions can visit these.Theres a travel fee (smugglers tax) should you visit a cross faction stronghold (its like 1000 credits) My guild doesn t possess a Guild Stronghold, so I don t know the costs there, but I had among my Imp toons dance a jig on Coruscant simply because I could.