Exarch was pain within the ass with all of the healing therefor

  • I see lots of discussion needing 208 gear? I had mostly 190, some 188 and something piece that would be a 208 helmet I got from the drop, I think.I don t remember where.I had Lana at Influence rank 12.Was a newly boosted sith assassin.Definitely soloable, the toughest part was the next and 3rd terminals and also the waves spawning.Keeping Lana alive was the problem, but I made it happen using heroic moment.Recently i think RS 2007 Gold is popular.they got nice service and fast delivery!No idea why the Zsadist guy is freaking out, not hard whatsoever.

    Managed to obtain the walker on my small kill, sweet! oh and I mean the two+ heroic one.Love the brand new companion, cool race and funny he was stranded for twelve years haha Freaking out? Hardly.As a Sin, you are able to Mind Maze one from the Zakuul Knights within the Exarch Ambush that makes your dream very manageable.Anyone who s literally game recognizes that.Same using the Paladin MM the trash around him, take it.Then Blackout, Overcharge Saber, Recknessless, Maul, Low Slash, another Maul, Discharge did I miss anything? Yes, my Sin is Deception.

    No.I haven't tried an H2 with my Sin, as she's still on RishiNow, try that same fight again, only this time like a Jugg, or perhaps a PT I don t wish to be rude or not I need to agree with Vengyr, it s bold to express it s easy because it's challenging however it s quite possible to complete 2+ H versions with much worse gear.I did Voss with my Vigilance Guardian with half 190/200 and half 208 gear (Lana rank 12).Exarch was pain within the ass with all of the healing therefore it took a while (and 3-4 tries) however it was managable.