This could signal the state decline and death of the game

  • They did sooner or later mention, I think, that they desired to produce canon stuff.Also, since both of them are declared non-canon they might go ahead and change to another version? Don t be salty.Enjoy the things they delivered you.Excellent price, easy checkout, prompt delivery, no hassle! Will definitely shop here again! it's CSGO AK-47 Skins .It really was well made.The end of the expansion appeared to imply that it was the end from the story for my character.Only the cleanup now (Uprisings).Is it wise for Bioware to finish it here? This could signal the state decline and death of the game.Or the beginning of the new story.

    Just such as the game didn t end after our origin stories or Makeb or whatever other expansion they released.Now that people practically rule the galaxy, where to visit that advances our story inside a satisfying way.Only thing I can think about is generate a brand new character and plot the downfall from the Eternal Throne.They said numerous times in cantinas the sith emperor may be the big bad endgame.What we are able to hope for is really a completely new mmo project and never dialysis with stitched up content.

    Difference being the class stories didn t end along with you becoming probably the most powerful being within the galaxy.BW stories will always be aimed upwards; we ve reached the ceiling.It s been asserted both Empire and Republic are get yourself ready for war using the Alliance.How is this the end from the story? The Scions also write a letter suggesting, they see an excellent dark coming, and also you are within the center of this maelstrom So the two governments that got spanked through the Eternal Fleet might be preparing for war against.