I ve seen a great deal of good things within the beta

  • I ve seen a great deal of good things within the beta.No worries.That is really a lot of games.Secretly, I m likely to hope that you simply get bored with among those eventually and join us in Wildstar:) Anyways, I appreciate all of the great work you you for those these games I play and understand not jumping right into a 4th game.perhaps you have never tryed?Do you want earn some extra money!? Sell us your RS Gold(RS 3 Gold,OSRS Gold),We will give you a good price:) You can contact at Live chat: tomtom15464 or 24/7 Live Chat,we will pay you by paypal with in 10 mins!!!More informations at Sell RS Gold To Us . I m playing it and seems great.PS: you come with an Hangout (about class guides) 1st time I ve ever posted here, and also the very first time I ve donated (for you).

    I ve used your website with increasing regularity within the years as well as your latest additions towards the swtor class guides merited the $40 I just donated for you.Keep in the awesome work and thanks! Thank you for that generous donation, be thankful! i heard dulfy is really a guy irl and thats why she doesnt talk whatsoever during videos or raids Looks like Anet is gonna nerf the frostgate champ farm in GW2 Anet workers doing the farm with zerg at blackgate I read below your around the fence with WS (we do hope you end up loving it) but how about ESO? Played some beta also it seems to become similar in fashion and action to GW2.

    The graphics/detail was incredible btw.Dulfy, small remark in your site, the facebook link within the top right corner is broken.Hi there! Question (SWTOR): do you've some EV, KP and EC guides around? I was trying to make use of the searchy thingy also it didnt work.I realize those probably aren t uber popular plus they dont give the very best rewards, however they do have some unique stuff there s the achievements plus they ought to be pretty easy when compared with 55 ops and great training for brand new raiders.