These items is going to be used for the guild to upgrade the st

  • These items is going to be used for the guild to upgrade the structures.Buy CSGO Keys is your first and best choice to buy cheap csgo skins with cheapest price and fast delivery.Demonslayer and PvPDemonslayerThe no. mistake most new players make is ignoring their Demonslayer.They could be at level cap and not touched their Demonslayer Rank, missing on weeks of progress and delayed their gear progression.Demonslayer InterfaceDemonslayer is really a whole system you unlock at Level 30.You can press C and go towards the last tab to see it when you reach level 30.The system is basically in which you go and run the required dungeons to level up and receive reward boxes each week.

    Once you reach high enough Demonslayer rank, you are able to purchase items in the Guardian vendor which are required to change your equipment.There are a handful of important things to notice.Demonslayer Rank PointsYour weekly Merit reward box progressActivities you are able to do to level your Demonslayer progressRequirement to get to the next Demonslayer RankWhile you will find many activities that rewards Demonslayer Points, the just one that really counts for Demonslayer rank progression and weekly reward boxes would be the ones on right from the Demonslayer interface (3).

    They are the daily dungeon (you need to do this through the daily interface) as well as your weekly dungeon picked based in your level as well as your Demonslayer Rank.These activities reward different quantity of merit points.Daily: 00 ptsWeekly: 250 – 300 ptsAs you need to do these activities, you'll earn Merit points to fill the weekly reward box bar (2) and this can also contribute towards the Demonslayer rank up requirement (4)Weekly Reward Box BarYou will get reward boxes when you get to the green, blue and purple marks around the bar.