Harpoon GunHarpoon gun is an additional hybrid weapon

  • The remaining two skills are situational at best and you'll not rely on them much in dungeons.Please avoid spamming Point Blank Shot on cooldown, utilize it as an interrupt, to strip defiant stacks, and reposition the boss in which you want it to become instead.ShortbowShortbow is really a mediocre condition damage weapon which sees more use within PvP than PvE.Since condition builds are in the moment inferior to pure damage builds in dungeons, you're better off while using longbow for the ranged weapon.

    Harpoon GunHarpoon gun is an additional hybrid weapon.It combines condition-oriented attacks having a direct-damage AoE skill along with a strong single-target shot.It is really a good weapon to possess on swap because from the long-lasting AoE Blind on Ink Blast.The effect persists for 6 seconds, applying blind every second, but isn't a combo field of any sort.Gear and NourishmentArmor WeaponsThe most optimal selection for normal group runs (whether it is PuGs or friends guild runs) is full Berserker’s gear with Runes from the Ranger or Runes from the Scholar.

    The 6 piece bonus from Runes from the Ranger is considerably simpler to maintain, and also the precision the runes offer can help you reach the critical chance cap easier.I find a website:CSGO AK-47 Skins,I find the price is cheaper than CSGO steam.what do you think about it.Runes from the Scholar provide a slightly stronger damage bonus (which can be challenging to maintain) and improve your power rather than precision.Overall, the main difference in performance is negligible and based upon whether you are able to maintaint the Scholar bonus for just about any significant amount of your time, otherwise, use Runes from the Ranger.