Basically you wish to pump out items to shatter while kiting

  • Basically you wish to pump out items to shatter while kiting.Awesome guide for mesmers, I m lured to stop leveling my elementalist and begin a mesmer Alt instead.However, leveling and open world content issues like world boss events are the problems that's stopping me from starting one.I love these guides and I hope more come.These guides shows how badly the gw2 community requires a site like : gwpvx.gamepedia PvX wiki.While these guides gives an incredible foundation for that profession it is just specific to dungeons.

    It could be nice, tho unlikely, if others started to include builds tactics for other game modes like sPvP, WvW, etc.Also these guides are just relevant now, and can have major minor changes as ANET changes nerfs things.With a gw2 specific pvx site, the city could make guides specific for every game mode, change builds guides with updates, rank builds when it comes to strength, and vet builds.Of course then, this shows the requirements for ANET to create a template system like that old days.Regardless, they are awesome guides.

    I have learned a lot reading them, even tho I ve played since beta.I love the diagrams of tactics too, hopefully these guides evolve as the sport does and can include more game modes.I find a website rs2joy they selling rs gold for sale and it is cheap than others.check this out!While I agree together with your main point, I would like to state that these guides is going to be kept updated around possible.Updates and the like should not allow it to be unusable.I have 6 6 Superior Runes from the Traveler on my small Ascended Berserker armor set.How noticeable would it be if I stomped on those with 6 Superior Runes from the Ranger?I mean, I hate to discard ~45g like this, but I still come with an ascended Sentinel Soldier set that also offers 6 6 Superior Runes from the Traveler.