You will look for a Mordrem Guard Punisher with a rock

  • You will look for a Mordrem Guard Punisher with a rock.He isn’t tough to fight but be careful for his telegraphed cleave because it can one shot you otherwise avoided.Cleaning Reward: Deluxe Gear BoxPerquisite: None (could be done the very first time you do the storyline instance)You will have to deactivate 32 Rata Novan security mechanics.I find a website rs2joy they selling rs gold for sale and it is cheap than others.check this out!seem to be sentry golems and also the rest 28 are Ballistic Cannons spread through the map.4 seem to be underwater within the little tunnel in which the waterlogged page is perfect for New Horizons.

    There are 6 within the area round the broken golem close to the waypoint area plus some of them won’t attack you so you need to hold down ctrl to locate them all.You should have 32 prior to the step where you need to test the dilapidated asura gate.wNew Horizons – 5 ptsReward: 0 Bags of Alchemical MaterialsPerquisite: Complete Buried Insight story instance once to unlock this achievement.You will find the first clue in a Derelict Sentry Golem close to the Rata Novus Waypoint inside the storyline instance.

    Now should you swim on the water close to the waypoint you'll a little tunnel having a waterlogged page next to some terminal with increased hints.The third hint is located within the lab alongside another terminalThe terminal to finish in the achievement is located in the very end from the instance.Enter the code 0 72.Once you do this, undergo the terminal and proceed forward to obtain the achievement.I ve cleared the chak pit over 20 times already however it just wont produce the Chak Killer master achi.