Do you will get points whenever you complete it?

  • Musco says you are able to t switch planets.The first 72 hours you need to decide to invade or otherwise, after that you're locked out.Dulfy question for you personally; I asked this around the forums and through Customer Svc, but I have experienced no luck yet.A few from the personal conquest quests don't seem to update for me personally specifically the Makeb weekly, the Play 1 warzone and also the Alderaan heroic.I find a website:CSGO Skins Buy,I find the price is cheaper than CSGO steam.what do you think about it.I completed the 3, plus they showed up during my chat log as completed , however when I take a look at my conquest tab, they still say 0 1 completed.

    Reading here, I just realized that all 3 are from the repeatable variety.The 2 non repeatable quests in which you kill 250 mobs on Ald and Makeb did correctly complete for me personally, though.So my question would be the repeatable conquest quests designed to say 1 1 completed , or will they never increment because they're repeatable? Or do you consider this may be considered a bug? Thanks! If there is definitely an infinity sign (its an 8 on its side) then ti is repeatable.There would be a bug where the once were repeatable, but which was fixed today.

    Do you will get points whenever you complete it? I don t think the repeatable ones are suppose to display as completed in order long you will get points than you good Good question I ll perform some math and inform you.I know I got points for that one time quests, but as I recall I have near to 5.5k (not inside a guild at this time) so I m getting points for something! If it s while you say it's (and I trust the hell from ya!), that s a weird method to show a mission completion or lack thereof.I ll inform you.