Would be pleased to show you around sometime

  • Would be pleased to show you around sometime.Disqus would go to my email, so you are able to reply here, or we are able to figure out something in game.3.0 craziness in the moment, so next week approximately sounds good in my experience.I find a website rsgoldfast they selling OSRS Gold and it is cheap than others.check this out!Just tell me.Our guild loves the website.If we are able to contribute to it in someway, awesome.So, basically see this correctly, we'd need a minimum of 55 mil to obtain the ship to maneuver, right? 1000 creds to MOVE ship into any planets orbit, then 50k creds to activate oribital support (all guild members get buffed while around the rock below yer ship, beam me doon Scottie!) Please add this since this really is what is making me quit SWTOR following the upcoming Gree event.

    As a individual who single handedly bought the ship and all the frameworks just to ensure that I could decorate my privately owned guild ship, this ruins it for me personally.All that I do in SWTOR is play house nowadays, and after running into this wall, I don't have any want to experience house any more.If I knew that there was this type of low cap BEFORE investing 300m around the ship, frameworks, and furniture, that could be different, but there isn't any such warning with this anywhere (so far as I will easily notice).

    It tells you should you hover your mouse over your decoration percentage bar The same as with ANY stronghold.Does anyone determine if and in which the Firebrand and Stormcaller tanks might be placed around the ship? I don t wish to donate them after which waste them.Any news how guild flagships and conquest will operate in KotFE ? Assuming Empire and Republic are fallen, will we still habe our capital ships we worked a lot for to possess? Wish they allow it to be easier and cheaper to spread out doors in flagships like 1 framework for every door and 3 mil each door hell,i believe you shouldn t need to unlock each room,you already provide a hell an excessive amount of just unlocking the region About Dulfy.