Any word yet on the cost for every Guild Stronghold?

  • Basically, they re the We can t afford a Guild Ship option.I am unsure how valid this rumour is, I have not verified this around the PTS myself (haven t been in a position to find a guild to get it done), however, many sources indicate that Guild Strongholds are 10x more costly;Recently i think OSRS Gold is popular.they got nice service and fast delivery! for example, Coruscant apartment Balcony has been said to cost ten million credits.I ll be around the PTS inside a bit and can try to confirm on my small end.Thanks for that service and updates, Meet Yes, guild strongholds are considerably more costly than player strongholds.

    My GM and I unlocked a complete Coruscant around the PTS and clocked it at 13.5m and, yeah, 10m was just for the balcony.As the two are essentially identical, you are able to expect exactly the same price tag for any guild stronghold on Kaas.I kinda like this Dk and Coru are more expensive to guilds.I figure every player may have those two, or a minimum of one, given that they re cheap.I d rather see Guilds on Nar or Tat, so those prices work fine for me personally.Any word yet on the cost for every Guild Stronghold? Last I heard they're still allowing that.

    Guild stronghold costs are now up.three times more expensive to coruscant, 4.four times more expensive to nar shadda and 3.three times more expensive to tatooine should you unlock everything Hello Dulfy, I noticed you've +20 listed for # of decorations unlocked around the Nar Shadda staircases.I think it may be 25.Screenshot attached! This is really a proposal (according to PTR runs) on the way you should prioritize spending your limited money.