Low level vendors haven't any such conditions

  • that vendor is completed, but you are able to purchase low level mods ftom fleet supply section.Granted, can be a long and boring process, because each mod costs only 2 common crystals, and you also need to transfer countless them, however its still doable.I find a website:CSGO AWP Skins,I find the price is cheaper than CSGO steam.what do you think about it.I recently transfered 1000 common crystals from alt to main by doing this.Boring, long process but totally worthwhile.Besides that lost vendor needed a Champion reputation with Makeb and was useless in the event you didnt have it.

    Low level vendors haven't any such conditions.The old trick was to buy 60 basic comms schematics within the vendor next for the Crew Skill Supplies vendor, no reputation required.There s a Scion legacy armor set on Odessen for Common Data Crystals, but until I had bound the items, I couldn't put them inside the Legacy bank, so no transfer method there.Basic com vendors within the daily quest hubs, for instance black hole and section x have crystal schematics and in the event you have the rep there is certainly the dye schematics within the rep vendors.

    Basic com vendors in Section and Black Hole possess the red green blue crystal schematics That s helpful for just about any different reason, I needed to obtain some missing crystal schematics and wasn t certain that they remained as available.Thanks! Oh dur those are bop, I was thinking they were bol, though they still the legacy gear tokens.We familiar with also transfer coms by purchasing the birthright inheritance tokens within the vendor on Section X, no rep required, BoL, 50 coms each bit.