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  • The most common technique is using smoke fields for example an offhand pistol's Black Powder or Smoke Screen to blind foes.Each smoke field can affect as much as foes once another.Weakness could be used on Bosses such as the Mossman, Archdiviner, or Dredge.Weak foes possess a % to make use of a Glancing Blow which deals half it's normal damage.I find a website rsgoldfast they selling rs gold for sale and it is cheap than others.check this out!Thieves can weaken opponents using the trait Lotus Poison in Deadly Arts, via Skale Venom, as well as by leaping with Heartseekers and blasting with Cluster Bombs inside a poison field like Choking Gas on Shortbow.

    Lastly thieves would be the only class that may replenish an event's endurance in melee range.Using Signet of Agility with or with no Signet Use trait in Critical Strikes could be very useful when you are keeping your party alive bo EffectsThieves are just capable of applying stealth, blinds, and weakness using their own combos.However, you will find many other combos that ought to be noted when inside a party.Combos are impacted by both the finisher being performed and also the field which was laid down first.

    Blasts This will require into account which field was placed first based around the location from the blast.Fire: stacks of might for seconds.It is recognized as a good practice to blast fire fields prior to some fighting encounter.Poison: seconds of AoE weakness.This could be helpful against mobs of dredge which are immune to blinds.Water: ~ , AoE Heal.This is really a bit weak, but tend to save some lives.The NPC, Rox, within the Molten Boss Fractal often utilizes a water field.Other FinishersThere are a number of other Combos for additional information look into the linked Wiki but normally you'll make use of the Fields in the above list.