Long bows may also hit as much as five foes using the trait pie

  • Long bows may also hit as much as five foes using the trait piercing arrows , while sword or greatsword can hit as much as three foes.This guide lacks an effective comparison between long bow build and sword greatsword build.Because it doesn t appear build you use within open world pve.I find a website rsgoldfast they selling Buy RS 3 Gold and it is cheap than others.check this out!You may use whatever you would like and nobody would care.However, in dungeons should you use longbow that could be suboptimal and you is going to be slowing the group down therefore it matters.I disagree.First, if you wish to argue that longbow is suboptimal, you need to properly prove it.

    Comparing builds isn't an easy problem and optimality probably depends around the situation for that ranger.Second, the melee builds described listed here are only relevant with specific group compositions and specific strats, because they obviously insufficient sustainability and therefore are only centered on dps.Third, in many instances, the build you use doesn't matter until you wish to rush together with your group.To my knowledge, doing the dungeon as fast as possible isn't mandatory.So could it be a pve guide as well as in that case, it's missing several informations or could it be an instance rushing guide? i dunno, the truth that the meta for dungeon run atm is stack, stack and stack, something which in damage the closer you are towards the target is, well, sub optimal.

    It doesn't make much sense.Damages from the skill truly are reduced when you're close towards the target.So what? How do you come towards the conclusion that it's sub optimal if you're not comparing damages between your long bow at close range and another weapon?What really matters may be the attack speed, because the skill having a long bow is really a lot slower than having a sword or perhaps a greatsword.But you also need to take into consideration skills within the dps cycle and also the fact that long bows can hit as much as targets.