The other skills in Lich form are rather unimportant

  • The other skills in Lich form are rather unimportant.Marked for Death is nice for applying some vulnerability.Chilling Wind is really a decent chill and break the rules.Mark of Horror summons Jagged Horrors which deal low damage but apply plenty of bleeds to the targets they attack.Finally Grim Specter could be used as an ailment cleanse for allies or perhaps a boon strip for enemies.Lich Form is our strongest elite skill for brief fights on direct damage builds and very long fights on condition builds.

    Using this transform after which spamming Deathly Claws deals the greatest DPS the bottom necromancer may possibly pull off.For this reason Lich should more often than not be considered in PvE.For optimal usage you need to start your dream by casting Locust Swarm and Reaper s Touch, dropping both your damaging wells, entering Death Shroud and casting Tainted Shackles after which finally entering Lich Form and spamming Deathly Claws provided possible.Due towards the huge damage potential of the elite you need to always consider traiting for Spectral Mastery in Soul Reaping because it will increase Lich Forms duration by.

    seconds.Keep in your mind that Spectral Mastery is unneeded in case your group can kill a boss in under seconds though.Core SpecializationsThe core specialisations would be the building blocks of the build.A build is made using specialisations.Recently i think RS 2007 Gold is popular.they got nice service and fast delivery! This could be any mixture of core specialisations or core specialisations and elite specialisation.Within each specialisation you will get minor traits and major traits separated into tiers.The minor traits don't change and you've got no choice over them.However for every tier within the line you've got a choice of different major traits.