It doesn t answer the question: of events I worry about

  • It doesn t answer the question: of events I worry about, when may be the next time, in accordance with my time, they'll run?But otherwise, nice work.I dont realise why there isnt a method to track events within the game enjoy it tracks our dailies.Yet again Anet fails during my book cause we're again needing to depend on 3rd parties within the community to behave they simply are not capable of doing.Thanks for that app and that i myself uses it but nonetheless wander way the dev from the game cant come up having a way for us to trace it within the game.

    Like a notification similar towards the scarlet invasion.Warning Scarlets minions are attacking Blah blah blah what about a Big ass Dragon is attacking Blah blah blah.Still feels as though Anet devs are not capable of doing anything the city seems to fare better.Again Thanks this really is a great help however i too hate to alt tab to make use of an external source to trace events when anet needs to place one in PERIOD.They can track my dailies, they are able to see what character has opened a boss chest.

    what about give the consumer that bought your game some tools rather than waiting around the community in the future up by using it and do Anets Job! Wick much like with Microsoft Excel, or Open Source applications.It is the most famous game now,why don't you come wow gold buy wow gold cheap wow gold .a business builds the tool, and code-minded players (that_shaman, spidy, dulfy yet others), build the utilities that leverage it.It all makes part from the special community that keeps a game vibrant the ones invested inside it.If ANet did everything, we wouldn t be engaged by using it in quite exactly the same way.