Like should you liked the super skilled healer Thanks for shari

  • Like should you liked the super skilled healer Thanks for sharing, it's a interesting strat and would remove lots from the RNG that may happen within the last phase this only applies towards the last phase that 90%+ pug groups cant even reach anyway does that REALLY matter man lol Happy to assist, it's similar towards the Tangled Depths Chalk idea, however it does require positioning focus on floor and skills that you're using and timing in CCing him out again after one full round of floor mechanics.

    We found the Green Spheres were badly timed using the floor movements and also the second or third one always spawned poorly within the bad floor section, or even the tank died attempting to move it early.PS.dreg, that one isn t supposed to assist you skip the entire fight just assist you to push though the final few % as that's where prepared guilds usually die, while pugs will feel extra frustrated when they can reach there although not finish the ultimate push.Well that tactics affect phase 3 AND 5 actually, whenever you obtain the break bar mechanics you are able to freely do this (ensure that it stays in mid, not break bar, watch out for sector positioning ^^).

    It s counter intuitive however it s a lot more manageable WTF dulfy first decrepit nest screwup and today ur saying the green aoe only spawns in same sector as boss nevertheless its lol cmon guys exactly what the fuck have it together It may be the same sector because the boss.If it spawn inside a different sector it's because your tank moved him late.I do believe that that changed since beta 3, it did stick to the boss always but maybe that's just due to better practice.CSGO knife Skin is your first and best choice to buy cheap csgo skins with cheapest price and fast delivery.


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