Come on! Making FIFA 17 Coins this Week

  • Do you need fifa 17 coins? If you are a FIFA 17 players, I think you need them. Now I will guide you how to earn some fifa 17 coins this week. With our analysis, you will know TOTY is arguably the most lucrative time to trade all year. Ok, let's go!


    Prepping Your TOTY Shopping List

    When the market dip occurs, you are going to want to be ready with a list of the cards that you want to buy. Here’s a look at what I’m looking to buy, and I suggest you add some of these to your list as well.


    Winter Upgrade Candidates (Their IF cards)

    FIFA 17 Winter Upgrade investing can be complicated. An abridged version of winter upgrade investing is that you will want to invest in the IF versions of players who have had an exceptional season and are due for a winter upgrade.


    When their gold cards get an upgrade, if the upgrade on their gold card pushes their overall so that they equal or are higher than their first IF, all their informs will be boosted in stats to be higher than their regular upgraded gold card.


    Logically, this boost in stats leads to a rather dramatic increase in price.



    Apart from upgrade investing, legend investing was the most lucrative investment last year.


    Set yourself a target buy price for a couple of mid-tier legends and when they hit that, snap them up quickly because dips in legend prices are often short lived.


    Not sure how to set a target price? Use the prices that your target legend fell to on the 21st of November (Pre-Black Friday crash) as a indicator of about how low you should be looking to buy them (you can use FutBin to check prices).


    Saint Patrick’s Day Investments

    The hype around Saint Patrick’s Day Investments has dropped considerably this year because of disappointing tournament rewards last year. This led to decreased demand for Irish players (especially their informs) which left many traders disappointed who had invested in said cards.

    This year however, I have a feeling EA might drop a SBC worthy on Saint Patrick’s Day that would drive the prices of Irish players way up.

    With this in mind, I suggest putting aside some coins and using the TOTY market dip to invest in high rated gold Irish players as well as Irish informs.

    You’ll have to wait until March to sell them on, but you could see some major return on them!


    High Rated Golds + Discard Informs

    If there was anything that we learned from the curveball that was FUTMAS, it was that high rated gold cards that normally don’t sell for much (Ex. Lahm) and discard IFs appear to be great investments for future SBCs.

    There is a good chance EA will use SBCs to try and balance the market during TOTY to try and prevent a crash.

    We suggest investing discard informs and high rated gold cards during the Pre-TOTY crash in preparation for these SBCs.


    Thanks for reading, welcome to our site for cheap fifa coins and latest fifa 17 news.