EA Should Reward us More in FIFA 17

  • I honestly just don't think EA reward us enough for actually playing the game. Yes I understand that there is FUT Champions but what about the average FUT player who is not able to play that many games or is not at that standard of FIFA.


    I just think FIFA should take a page out of NHL or Madden's book and reward you for more things e.g. Reward you for playing 10 games give you 10k fifa coins or give you a 25k pack for playing 50 games etc. I just genuinely think that this would attract more people towards their game and it would give people a target to reach and give people a purpose to play.


    Another thing I think that EA have messed up on is the Christmas SBC's. IMO they should've released ones that anybody can complete and a couple of expensive ones for example a Rashford SBC that instead of needing an 86 rated team or whatever you need you only need a fully United team or a full English team with one IF etc.


    I just feel like the SBC's that they've been releasing recently are just way to unrealistic. I understand the players like Auba, Costa etc but players like De Marcos? You should be able to get for like 30k or something. Who honestly cares if everyone has an SBC De Marcos in their team? Nobody. Just feel like EA need to step it up a level in terms of rewarding the average player who doesn't have lots and lots of fifa 17 coins online. But this is just my opinion what do you think?


    Thanks for reading.