What Happens to the NIF Cards and IF Cards in FIFA17?

  • All FIFA 17 cards are affected by the Team of the Year in a way. It is responsible for price drops before it even starts. Part of the devaluation that’s registered before FUTMas is the effect of the TOTY coming right after. It’s expected for the cards’ prices to suffer a reduction of about 15% on the month before the long awaited 9th of January.


    In order to simplify the analysis of the market’s behaviour, we’ll describe separately what happens to the NIF cards and what happens to the IF cards. And if you want to buy fifa 17 coins, just visit our site.


    The NIF cards lose value progressively through the weeks before the TOTY. The biggest drop is registered both on the day it starts and the day before that, which by the way is a Sunday, a day of the week when prices are lower. Only on this day the market should drop more than 3%. And that is followed by an apparent stabilisation which lasts until the weekend arrives. At this stage prices tend to rise very slightly, then, just as the TOTY cards stop coming from packs, the market rises again. This price increase tendency lasts about two weeks, then the natural course of devaluation is resumed.


    The behaviour of IF cards’ prices during the TOTY is slightly different. Although the lowest prices are also expected on January 9th, the truth is that the difference comparatively to the values registered immediately before the Black Friday is much smaller. After hitting a historical minimum on the first day of the Team of the Year, the price tendencies start being just one: increasing. During the whole week, day after day, the cards keep becoming more expensive, reaching a price increase of about 15% between the first and the last day. Just as the blue cards stop coming from packs, the IF cards’ price increase becomes even more evident. This behaviour is explained mainly by the anticipation of upgrades season which can make many IF cards gain value.


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