What's the differences about Lionel Messi in FIFA17 and PES2017

  • Lionel Messi is one of the best players in the world and he is my favorite player too. But he is different in FIFA 17 and PES 2017, let's take a look.


    Speed and acceleration

    FIFA 17

    Acceleration: 92

    Sprint speed: 87

    PES 2017

    Acceleration: 96

    Sprint speed: 91

    WINNER: PES 2017

    PES Messi is much faster than his FIFA rival – especially off the mark.

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    FIFA 17

    Short pass: 88

    Long pass: 87

    PES 2017

    Short pass: 88

    Long pass: 80

    Winner: FIFA 17

    FIFA Messi’s passing is a small step up from the PES version – especially when it comes to long passes.

    Definitely worth bearing in mind if you use Messi as a playmaker rather than all-out attacker.



    With a deadly combination of raw pace and incredible dribbling, PES Messi is a nearly unstoppable force going forwards.

    He’s perfect for players who fancy their chances dribbling around defenders.

    If you’re a more conservative player who prefers to pass the ball around, FIFA Messi provides the perfect balance of clinical finishing and a deft touch – just without the raw pace.

    Whatever Messi you choose, there’s no doubt he’s outstanding in both games.