My Fight in the FIFA 17 WL

  • Apparently, I played Mirza Jahic this weekend, a pro who went 40-0...

    It was my 39th game for me in the WL and I was 31-7 (just lost 2 in a row before) and I matched up against this incredible team. IF Ronaldo, IF Bale, IF Hazard, IF Pogba, IF Kante, Nainggolan, Shaw, Smalling, IF Manolas, IF Florenzi and Hart.

    I was already really nervous because I just lost 2 games and I needed 1 win out of my last 4 games for elite 2. When I saw his team I got even more nervous since he Florenzi,Manolas and Kante were red cards, so he must have had an incredible result last month. By the way, I want to recommend a cheap fifa 17 coins called U4FIFA, you can visit it to buy safe fifa 17 coins.


    I didn't play very well and the guy deserved the win 100%, he outplayed me fair and square. A better player and a better team resulted in a logical 2-0 victory for him, wasn't even mad about it. (Maybe except the fact that he has such an incredible team and still subs on Martial, Musa and IF Mane at minute 60 and that the rest on his bench are all 45 rated bronzes.


    So I decided to look up his gamertag, because he might a pro. Turns out he is and after some further looking, I find out that he is Mirza Jahic, a multiple recordholder and pro. I saw he streamed all his games so I decided to look for my game in his 12 hour stream to rewatch and learn from my mistakes.


    I could again see that I played bad and deserved to lose, but another fact, that is also complained about a lot in this sub, irritated me. The amount of games the guy declines is incredible, even for the most ridiculous reasons.


    FUT founder -> Don't think so
    Rainbow kit -> Don't think so
    Old est. date -> Don't think so
    Weird team name -> Don't think so
    Beast FC or anything related -> Don't think so
    Already played you -> Don't think so
    He's in top 100 -> Don't think so
    Playing away -> Don't think so
    And so on...


    I mean, come on dude, you're a pro with an insane team and then you still decline so many games, sorry to say, but I find that rather pathetic. Are you really happy about getting 40-0 when you act that way?


    This is not really a rant, because I'm not mad, since I lost fair and square, but I have seen a lot of complaining about people quitting because of est. dates etc (though I have not encountered it so much myself). The problem is, this guy had over 3000 viewers at the moment I found his stream and yeah, of course a lot people start declining games when they even see pro's doing it. So EA, maybe you should start removing every piece of info (est. date, club name, ...) before you actually accepted the game?


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