FIFA 17 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Market Crash Guide

  • If the FUT Transfer Market follows the same trend as last year, then we should be in for the first real downturn in FIFA 17 player prices. Unexpectedly, prices took a dive before Black Friday and Cyber Monday last year, from November 13th until November 16th in the first edition of the FUT United promotion. While there's still a possibility of seeing FUT United before the FIFA 17 Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions, we're convinced player prices are about to crash, to what extent depends on the packs, offers and informs released by EA Sports. If you need some cheap fifa 17 coins, welcome to our site U4FIFA. We've already seen a dip in FUT prices in anticipation for a crash, but the promotions on the horizon (November 25th for Black Friday & November 28th for Cyber Monday) should result in the first real market crash of FIFA 17 Ultimate Team. Here's what you can do to protect yourself.


    FIFA 17 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Market Crash

    It's very important to note that the market crash was not as significant during Black Friday and Cyber Monday last year due to the unexpected release of the first edition of FUT United and a superb TOTW accompanying the promotion. This promotion caused havoc on the Transfer Market, especially with what seemed to be an increase in pack weights! As this promotion has not been repeated at the same time for FIFA 17, it's kept the market fairly stable. While some have sold their items in anticipation for a fall in prices, many have not. We should see a decent TOTW 10 on Wednesday (featuring SIF ST Ronaldo), which will result in A LOT OF PACK OPENINGS during the upcoming promotions.


    Player Prices Analysis

    Firstly, we've observed from previous market crashes that the very top players tend to hold their value as opposed to low-mid/upper tiered gold players. This is because their demand usually holds relatively steady at a certain price level and a slight increase in supply doesn't affect their price greatly.

    The greatest crash usually can be observed in the players, consumables and club items that are packed en masse. This will depend upon the FIFA 17 packs released. By the way, if you need fifa coins to buy FIFA 17 packs, just go to our site.


    What offers will be released for Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

    You should see a lot of packs and daily gifts! If last year is anything to go by then we expect you'll see a new pack offer, tournament or squad building challenge every hour for 24 hours, along with increased chances of packing top players. The hourly pack offers are known as lightning rounds and are usually on a first come, first served basis. These pack offers will go fast, especially if SIF ST Ronaldo features in packs, along with what we predict will be a strong TOTW 10.