FIFA 17 Weekend League Conclusion in a Different Way

  • Airjapes posted this thread about why you shouldn't keep playing weekend league after you've qualified.


    "If you are a good FIFA player and have already qualified for the weekend league, it is theoretically in your best interest not to play the daily knockout. If you don't play, theoretically worse players will win and enter the weekend league, which would in theory mean a greater chance of easier wins in the weekend league itself."


    Now that's a fine argument sure but I'll tell you why I came to that conclusion in a bit of a different way.


    Basically I'm a big fan of fifa tournaments, I like the restrictions, I like the short format, and I like how it's lower stress than seasons but still competitive. Tournaments are by far my favorite way to play fifa. So this time when I qualified kind of early for the weekend league I decided play it again because I wasn't feeling seasons or single matches.


    This is not a brag but I specifically used my silver team and my half silver team expecting to lose along the way and help someone win. Well, I kept winning. At first I shrugged it off because I wasn't in the final and the people I beat would've probably lost anyways and if I lost in the final someone new would still be making it to the weekend league. The final started and I could tell the guy I was playing against was nervous but still a good player. He had a very good team and mine was pretty shit. I had no nerves.


    Early on I banged in a kind of ridiculous longshot with Boateng and I noticed his composure start to slip. I started to think about how tense I get when I go down in a final. He got a aggressive and I got two more quickly worked goals by about the 60th minute. Afterwards I could just see he was in despair all out attacking and making silly mistakes. I thought about scoring ogs to lose but I didn't but didn't. At the time I cared more about my record and the reward (which I forgot was only a measely 1,500 fifa coins)


    After I won by a large margin I felt legitimately bad, Fifa isn't everything but I'm pretty sure plenty of people look forward to qualifying for the weekend league and playing a bunch of games on their days off getting prizes etc. I crapped all over that for someone just to get one win and 1,500 fifa coins. When I thought about the situation I felt slightly crappy about it.


    In the end it's a game and if you don't win all your games you 're not able to get the prizes. However, there's no bonus in playing the weekend league again all you're doing is being a spoiler.


    I don't expect people to change what they do but I thought I'd share my story. However, I think it is critical for fifa to release non-weekend league tournaments that anyone can join. Tournaments are fun and encourage different squads and playstyles. Having limited attempts to play tournaments during the week and no way to play them on the weekend is kind of shitty.


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