FIFA 17 Transfer Players Cards Prices and Overview

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    FIFA 17 Transfer Players Cards Prices

    These new cards'prices vary mostly according to their new scenario. When the player goes to a popular club, his new card's price will start rising to even reach three times the original value, and only after a few days it'll eventually get close to the old card's value. Many times these changes don't even benefit chemistry for when the player remains in the same league. However, some players' emotional will lead them into paying many coins for a card that's actually not that different.

    When a player goes to less popular clubs the new card's price gets slightly superior, but then after some time the old cards become rare enough to be considered the most valuable ones.

    One of the best trading opportunities during the transfer windows has to do with players that stop coming from packs and so they become rarer and more expensive. If you buy this card in advance, you can later sell it for a much greater price when the market doesn't have many to offer.

    In the coming weeks, we will add a much deeper explanation to what will happen to the FIFA 17 Transfers players cards prices in the market.

    FIFA 17 Transfer Players Cards Overview

    Colour | Gold, Grey and Bronze
    How many Cards in FUT 17 | +1000 (Winter Transfers Season)
    How many times they are released | +10
    How often they are released | Once a week during the transfers window
    How long they are in packs | Always, since its release
    When they are released in packs | Since February 2017
    How big is the boost | There is no boost