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    He and She
    A woman, on the air jordan retro basketball shoes other hand, had no problem finding a man willing nike air flight 89 sale to impregnate her. However, if she wanted her children to provide her with grandchildren, she needed to carry them in her womb for nine arduous months, and then nurture them for years. During that time she had fewer opportunities to obtain food, and required a lot of help. She needed where can i get jordans a man. In order to ensure her own survival and the survival of her children, the woman had little choice but to agree to whatever conditions the man air jordan 1 retro stipulated so that he would stick around and share some of the burden. As time went by, the feminine genes that made it to the next generation belonged girls air jordan 10 retro to women who were submissive caretakers. Women who spent too much time fighting for power did not leave any of those powerful genes for future generations.