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    Weather is only an issue in the heaviest snow and rain say three or four times a year. The 100MB cap seems to be a pretty soft barrier if you hit the limit it slows down for a while; an hour or so later it's back to normal. For normal web/email/etc use it's perfectly fine. Upload speeds: new and improved, my ass. 5kps, tops. The router has a habit of crashing randomly and needing to be rebooted, three or four times a day. The only way to reboot it is to physically unplug the box from the wall, wait a few seconds, and plug it back in. This is about as irritating as you'd expect. Tech support is offshore, and can sometimes have a pretty high language barrier. (Not always, though.) ssh (or anything else where you're working directly on a remote machine) is painfully slow.

    Contrary to the common opinion, this genre was born quite a long time ago, its precursor being a simple 3D shooter Maze War adapted in 1974 for multiplayer on the Arpanet. Closer to the basics of the genre are MUD (MultiUser Dungeon) games that had inherited most of the traits of the popular table gaming system Dungeons and Dragons. Although MUDs had no graphics and offered a textbased interface only, they were true predecessors of today MMORPGs. The first commercial MMORPG was Island of Kesmai released in 1985 by the CompuServe service. It supported up to a hundred gamers simultaneously. Neverwinter Nights was the first game of that class to be graphical. However, such games relied on special services instead of the Internet and this fact limited their distribution. The first wave of MMORPGs as we know them today came from 1996 till 1999 and the most popular title was Ultima Online. This game has quite a lot of admirers even now.

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