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    The first high stakes Last Man Standing weekend was a roaring success. Did you received 1, 500, 000 coins and a higher rank in it? Don't be upset if your answer is no. High stakes Last Man Standing will return in OSRS on Nov. 4 and complete for a chance at fame and fortune. Now, we will show you some essential points and help you to win the first prize of 15 million gp.

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    Some guild has rules that are restrictive for new members. One of these rules is related to the lowest level of the player willing to join. All MMoRPG players want to progress, want to be the very best and this is what usually keeps them focused on the game.

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    When you are happy with your equipment, head off to the Premium island and start killing some spiders. When you are level 4 (should take about 10 minutes) you can start hunting at Premium bugs or hunt wolves, snakes and the mountain troll at the Premium island if you want to get level 8 fast. This would require that you get some better equipment (atleast a shield), and is a quick but unprofitable way.

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